Automate Work with Plain English

Launch YC: 🚀 DryMerge: Automate work with plain English.
Describe your workflow in plain English and let DryMerge automate it for you in seconds.
No more wasted hours on repetitive tasks. Let DryMerge take care of the busywork.
Sales Lead Notifications
"Whenever I get a new sales lead in Salesforce, text me a notification with the lead details so I can follow up quickly."
Meeting Summaries
"After my weekly team meeting, automatically email key highlights and action items to stakeholders who weren't present."
Customer Service Escalations
"If a customer sends multiple angry emails in a row, notify my manager so he can step in and de-escalate."
Personalized Reports
"Every Monday morning, email me a personalized report with my top opportunities closing this week and any at-risk deals."

Workflow Automation with No Headache

DryMerge allows your internal teams to automate repetitive workflows with simple natural language instructions. Our chatbot listens to descriptions of processes and automatically handles the implementation without engineering work.

  • Automate workflows for operations, sales, support etc.
  • No need to submit tickets and wait for engineering
  • Chatbot handles API integrations and logic
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Seamless Software Integrations

DryMerge connects SaaS tools like Slack, Gmail, and Notion to each other. We let you automatically send data across apps without worrying about schemas or GUIs.

  • Pre-built integrations for common tools
  • Flexibility to connect new apps
  • Authentication handled for you, in-chat
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AI Focused User Experience

DryMerge uses natural language as the interface to control software tools and build automations. We aim to understand the interpersonal and nuanced nature of workflows and focus on delivering automation through chat.

  • Understands interpersonal names, teammates, and customers.
  • Parses nuance and uncertainty to deliver accurate automations
  • Automatically makes decisions to deal with conditional logic
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Unbeatable Product Analytics

We analyze your conversations to continually improve automation accuracy and keep you updated when things go wrong.

  • Continually improves automation quality through continued usage
  • Grants granular visibility into long running automations
  • Notifies you when things go wrong and suggests fixes
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